EU4RIA 2019! -

EU4RIA 2019!

EU4RIA 2019"
Eu4ria New Year's Celebration is a Community Arts and Music Festival dedicated and inspired to bring out the best cultural aspects of India into a comforting environment full of games, entertainment, engagements, food, arts, and spiritual awareness. While also appealing to all generations we have promoted the opportunity for all families and friends to come join us in a night of Electronic Dj music featuring a live laser, fog, and firework performance. The experience will be unlike no other, this is an opportunity for the community to come together as on to enjoy the New Year of 2019 party.


● Fourth Barricade Viewing Sector
● Bronze Rated Wristband
● Standard Party Pack: Stickers and Glowsticks
● Food Voucher: 1 Small Item
● 2 Amusement Park Tickets

● Third Barricade Viewing Sector
● Silver Rated Wristband
● Upgraded Party Pack
○ Includes: Custom Event Wristband, Glitter, Stickers, and Glowsticks
● Food Vouchers: 1 Small Item
● Alcohol Voucher: 1 Standard
● 3 Amusement Park Tickets

● Second Barricade Viewing Sector
● Accessible Parking
● Gold Rated wristband.
● High Grade Party Pack
○ Includes: Small poster, Custom Event Wristband, Glitter, Stickers, and
● Food Vouchers: 2 Small Items
● Alcohol Vouchers: 1 Standard
● 50% Off Lantern
● 5 Amusement Park Tickets

● Front Stage Accessible SEATED Concert Comfort.
● VIP Personal Restrooms
● Accessible VIP Parking
● VIP Around the Neck Lanyards
● EXCLUSIVE Party Pack
○ Includes: Large Poster, Custom Event Wristband, Glitter, Stickers, T-Shirt, Glow
● Food Vouchers: 2 Small Items, 2 Large Meals
● Alcohol Vouchers: 2 Standard
● Reserved Event Transportation
● One Free Send off Lantern
● After Party Tickets for the Meet and Greet. (Dancers and Artists)
● 10 Amusement Park Tickets

Mahalakshmi Lawns, Nagar Road, Near Kharadi Bypass , Kharadi Octroi, Opposite Lohgaon, Pune
Building icon Dec 31, 2018 to Jan 01, 2019
06:00 PM